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Air Curtain¡¯s Control Device
1) Control Panel
The control panel is equipped with overheating protection of the electrical heater including simple ON/OFF functions and operates automatically with a connected door.
After installing the control panel in an accessible location, it can be controlled remotely.
The device can be customized upon order specifications

2) Additional Functions of Control Panel
Control panel can be customized with multiple functions to satisfy order requirements

  • Automatic Function
        By installing a magnetic or limit switch at the entrance, the automatic function can be enabled.
        Since the air curtain automatically operates with door opening and closing, unnecessary power
        consumption is prevented.

  • Timer
        The air curtain can be scheduled with the timer function installed in the control panel. A scheduled programme
        will never be lost because there is protection against electrical failures.

  • Temperature Setting
        The temperature sensor installed in the air curtain reacts to temperature changes and controls the fan and the
        electrical heater. The power consumption can be reduced sharply by this sensor.
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