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Air Curtain Selection
1) Korean Air Curtain is Needed.
As the use of the air curtain has become widely known and the demand has increased rapidly, the number of entities importing air curtains from foreign nations such as China and Taiwan increased. But most imported air curtains are the small-sized air curtains which has an impeller diameter of less than 120mm. The core functionality of the air curtain is interception efficiency. Namely, it is about how well it will be able to intercept the circulation of air between the interior and exterior. In the winter, a big temperature difference between inside and outside creates air circulation as the hot air flows toward the outside and the external cold air is pushed inside.

The bigger the temperature difference occurs, the faster the speed of the air circulation. Since there is a temperature difference of more than 45℃ in winter, we cannot expect full efficiency of a small-sized air curtain.

2) Recommended Locations
Model Recommended Locations
Premium Europe Type
(TEXO 2100, 2100S)
Department Store, Restaurents, Big-markets, Shops, Bank, Office building, etc.
(TEXO 2000, 2200)
Department Store, Restaurents, Big-markets, Shops, Bank, Office building, etc.
(TEXO 2300)
Entrance at environmental business locations, Cold Stroage, industry fields.

3) Height Limitations with Models

* Above data presents an effective installation height with a side wind speed of 1m/sec or less. The effective installation height is in inverse proportion to the side wind speed.

4) Temperatures and Speed of Wind By Distance
Models (From Outlet)1m 2m 3m 4m 5m 6m
Standard Type 12m/s 6~4m/s 5~3m/s 3~1.5 m/s
Electrical Heater Type Speed 11m/s 6m/s 4m/s 2 m/s
Temp. 48℃~46℃ 39℃~36℃ 30℃~26℃ 26℃~22℃ (Electrical Heater 8kw, Room Temp. 5℃)
Industry Type(150mm) 17m/s 9~6m 6~4m 4~3m 3~2m 2~1m

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